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Kindergartens and Pre Schools

At Max Amos Photography our photographers have a long standing commitment to photography of children and families. We bring out the best in your child which reflects in their photos. All our photographers have Working With Children Checks.

What We Offer

Established over thirty five years ago, specializing in children's photography, Max Amos Photography guarantees a high standard of service and products. Our photographs are fresh, fun and appealing. Currently we offer two methods of conducting photography in kindergartens:

I. Online Ordering Method: Parents view their photographs on their own password protected gallery and purchase online from our generous choice of products and packages.

II. Pre-Paid Method: Parents provide payment in advance for their photographs receiving the print or digital package of their choice. The selection of photos is made by us prior to the parents receiving the photos.

We also include complimentary staff photos (upon request) and group photographs in digital format for staff in all centres. In addition to the above we happily support fundraising for your kindergarten by presenting you with a commission of sales (conditions apply).


Child Care Centres

For child care centres we offer the Pre-Paid Method (as above).


For more information please call Paul on 0411 863 220.

We listen to our customers feedback and ongoingly manage our generous packages and collections. We will happily discuss designing a package that will suit your specific centre's needs. 

You may book your centres photography by calling us or by going to our bookings page. 

 Some of the Benefits of Online Ordering are: 

 -         Children have their own private gallery with a unique gallery code

 -          The number of images made available is no longer limited by the space available on a proof-sheet.

 -          Photos can be viewed in real size so there are no surprises!

 -          Parents may view AND purchase their images on line. (no more filling in envelopes and returning them to the centre.)

 -          Parents may crop any of their images, or convert images to black and white online.

 -          Parents may share their gallery with family &  friends electronically and by social media enabling others to choose and purchase their own photos.

 -          Images may be purchased and downloaded electronically.  

 -       Images may be viewed and ordered from mobile devices (please note - the cropping feature is not available on mobile devices).

 -          Centres no longer need to collect money and orders to forward to our office.


 We offer parents FREE DELIVERY to the centres for orders received by the deadline given at the time the codes are distributed to parents. All the centre staff needs to do is distribute the codes and remind parents to place their orders by the deadline to take advantage of the free delivery.



Each Child's Unique Private Gallery may contain from approximately 8 to more than 40 images!!